A retractable canopy for the guardhouse

After receiving the CCC ( certificate of completion ) we proceed to install a remote control canopy at the guardhouse at the cost of RM 2500.00. It will serve as a shelter against the hot sun and the rain for those who are waiting at the guardhouse. The reason why we have to wait for  the CCC before we proceed to install the canopy is because we will like to prevent some residents from turning the matter into an issue to attack the JMC.  Tq and have a nice day




Certificate of Completion ( CCC )


Dear residents,
The chapter on the guardhouse should be closed by now. We had received the CCC ( certificate of completion ) to the guardhouse. The certificate has been registered with DBKL. The JMC will post the certificate here for you all to view. With the CCC, we may go into the 2nd phase. We shall present all the projects under the 2nd phase to the residents during the coming AGM for your approval.
What I am going stress here is harmony. Without harmony among the groups and the residents, the guardhouse can never be completed. Let’s move forward and put the past behind us for the interests of Prima.

Tq and have a nice day.

A stubborn resident

Was very upset & disappointed to see a video of a tenant in Block A wanting to get into a fight with our chief guard, as he does not want to use his access card and complaining that this Condominium is like a prison.

We expect teething problems like these to happen in the early stages, as we would expect a very small percentage of tenants or residents to co-operate and make things difficult. Rest assured, we are very focused and will see that the access card program is successfully implemented. We will take whatever actions (which can be unpleasant) to ensure that this exercise is not jeopardized by some “heroes”.

We do not act on our own and do things however we like. We have taken the feelings, concerns, welfare & most of all the security of the residents and tenants (especially the f…airer sex) at hear. General consensus and feedback we get from the residents and tenants have been good.

Security level has definitely been enhanced to make this place as safe as possible, so that we do not see the repeat of a “near” abduction case of a sweet young college girl at the parking area, by 5 men waiting inside the condominium. This unfortunate incident could possibly be highlighted in the leading newspapers, if not for the alertness of our security guards. Then our Prima Setapak Condominium, would be sadly be very well “known” for the wrong reasons. Needless to say, what will happen to the market perception of our properties.

What is so very difficult for one person to bring along his or her card and tag to enter or go out the Condominium. Are we imposing something that is so alien, especially when all the JMC members and their families are complying. No priviledge and exception are given to any person!

I can only advise all residents and tenants to comply for the best interest of your good selves and others. Here I am saying it nicely to you all.

Pls note: The above article was written by our secretary, Benjamin Teh

The registration of visitors and those without the access cards

The registration of visitors and those without the cards are being done outside the guardhouse. We have further tightened the security measure. You can’t EVEN step into Prima if you do have a card. The dateline is getting nearer to those who have not validated their cards. We shall be having a JMC meeting soon to decide on what action to take against those who have not validated their cards and those residents who are without the cards. We will like to advise those tenants who are not without the cards to move out because your owner is unable to get the cards for you due to overcrowding. Never stay in the unit with partition rooms because our next course of action will be against the owners who have built many illegal rooms in the unit to maximise the rental return. They are not aware that they have violated the building by-laws . These greedy owners do not have the safety of their tenants in mind. They have also increased the density of our condo leading to higher cost of maintenance because these extra tenats are causing more wear and tear to our condo resulting in a shorter life span of our lifts and other equipments.
The canopy that is placed outside the guardhouse is on a temporary basis due to the bad weather. A permanent retractable prensentable shelter will be installed at the guardhouse.

Tq and have a nice day.

The latest on Prima

Dear residents,
Sorry for not updating the primasetapak blog. We have been more active in the facebook which is the faster medium to reach out to you all. However, now that the guardhouse was completed, I may update you all from time to time. Tq

The new security services provider

We have replaced the current security company with Expert Security Sdn Bhd. We continue to retain some of the old efficient guards who are already familiar with the residents and the rules of Prima. They are now in the blue uniform. The new company is more professional and is able to monitor the guards better. They will also have a better standard operating procedures. All the guards will also come with proper working permits which is one of the conditons we set before they are appointed.

Goodnight and have a nice day

Latest on prima

Downlights have been installed at our resting huts. Just go to the pool in the night, you can see the effect. You look down from the top floor, you can see the changes.

We are changing the position of the car park lot on the right to the slanting position to enable you to park easily and to create more space to the road.

All the visitors car park will be relocated to left hand side of the guardhouse for easy control.